Same pattern as last Thursday, except I'm rationing...

I went up to the habib in Roehampton to get some bread and peanut butter, and to look for other rations. I forgot that the English don't acknowledge the development of peanut butter, a substance they find distasteful (Steve has suggested the very idea is disgusting). So, I counted out 3.77 GBP (3 crowns, a half-crown, a dime,two nickels three tu'pence and a penny, if memory serves) to buy a loaf of bread, a small block of Mild Irish Cheddar and a small jar of Gnutella, nor Freenet, either)). So, I can now feast on cheese and/or nutella sandwiches this weekend, with copious amounts of tap water and some milk to drink.

The Post Office was open, but quite out of Jubilee stamps. He suggested I try one of the main post offices, such as in Trafalgar Square.

So, I had a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. I can't remember what I thought of nutella last I had it, so it can wait until the next meal. Now, having sucessfully foraged for food and brought in provisions for the weekend (admittedly not difficult in this culture, where food is abundant), what else is there to do? I have shelter, food, water and clothing (The shirts I washed are surely cleaner and to some extent dry, although still in sacks over there). What remains but emotional support, and entertainment?

It's a deep question, incidentially; don't strain yourself.

There's schoolwork to do, of course, and at least some of that I need to look at. I could get partially online which holds prospects of both if I work it right. (More productively, I need to go back to that catalog and actually count, rather than just eyeball, the number of courses that I'd need to complete various bachalaureate (sp!) programs. Sure, I can't afford more school, and don't have a place to live next year, but I still want to know how much longer, and how much more money it would cost to B.S.) Also online we have porn and computer news sites, which activities are approximately equally productive.