On Thursday we visited Blenheim ("blenham" oe even blenam) Cryptonomicon (keyword metis ), and the temple was attractive (if a bit austere), but disapointingly looked unused. None of my classmates seemed to react to the lack of offerings or, well, anything. I suppose the temple to be cerimonial, but it didn't appear to have hosted any ceremonies lately. Maybe they just cleaned up after themselves.

I picked up a couple of discount books in the Blenheim Palace gift shop. I was unable to tun down 5 GBP for an 8 GBP biography of Tolkein (although I was alarmed that the professor didn't know about the Inkblots), and I picked up an offical-looking Jubilee coffee table book for Dad.

adric, roehampton.ac.uk, 19:11 5 July 2002 song: Salisbury Hill, covered by Sarah McLachlan