So, I'm not in Scotland. After hasty considerations, I decided to stay in and sleep in today. I need to catch up on sleep, and on reading for class, the issue of laundry is creeping upon me,and I haven't much money right now (a bit more is on the way), so the two nights in Edinburgh would have about busted me. Having finally gotten up, and gotten a shower, I go in search of food. Hopefully Colin has a hot dog and some crisps for me.

interludeI set out for Roehampton's High Street (High Street in a bit like American Main Street) to get some crisps (potato chips are crisps, french fries are chips) and some milk from the local convenience store. Habibs are only subtly different here. This one sells everything from cat litter to toliet paper, including lottery tickets and spirituous liquors (beer and wine, too). He also offers internet access on a few computers for 1 GBP an hour, which I haven't tried yet, as for the moment I have found a place to jack in. I set out in just my shirt and slacks, sucking on a lolly I found in my luggage (Mom), carrying my book bag (literal: It's from Waldenbooks) and leaving the coat here. So, of course it rained. It was little more than a steady light rain, and the most precipitation I have yet witnessed here, but I was a bit damp after the walk to R---. After dripping outside for a bit, I went inside, noting that the Post Office was already closed. I puttered around, picking up a large bag of crisps (It was 1.19 GBP for a bag of 10 little sacks, compare to 35 pence apiece for those sacks in the automat downstairs) a half gallon of milk and a ham and cheese wrap (think Hot Pockets ™ ). I wondered about for a bit, but having found no nuts at all, and declining to buy or hire a video (couldn't play it anyway, look for "region encoding DVD" on Google for the bad news) I grabbed a Hershey bar (C&C), paid and left. The first pack of Dortitos were gone before I left the awning, and the wrap was done moments after I sat in the kitchenette on the hall. I am a bit drier now, and less thirsty after three small cups of milk, but the chocolate has yet to alleviate the headache or the general low-level fatigue from yesterday's walking.

adric,, 17:38 & 18:57, 5 july 2002 song: james, laid